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Toward the Establishment of the Government of God on Earth

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Upon  Becoming an Official RSICC Member . . .

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Check regularly (e.g. every 24-48 hours)

Committee Membership

  • Consider becoming a member of one or more committees.


Most important listed first.

  • (urgent, utmost priority) Red Alert plans of action - none at present, gratefully.  One of the purposes of Remnant Saints organization is to facilitate preparation for such a time so that we are ready to go (survive through to the establishment of the kingdom of God on earth).
  • (very important but not urgent) Appoint two alternates or counselors to act in your behalf during your absence, or even for when you are available but wish to delegate certain tasks to them.  These will have power to vote on guild matters.  We will need some form of verification that they have been appointed by you.  These should be able to take your place temporarily or permanently in the case of your severe injury or death.
  • (high priority) Provide us with your contact information for alternate modes of communication in case one or more modes of communication are disabled: ICQ, direct email, ground mail address, phone, cell phone, fax, whether or not you have ham radio and protection from EMP.  Until we get secure encryption in place on this website, you should send any of this information that is sensitive by ground mail.  Please wait to send anything until you feel you can trust us with such information.
  • (high priority) Begin beefing up alternate modes of communication between your key contacts.  This should NOT be monitored by the guild, but should be handled by yourself to provide a layer of insulation from infiltrators and betrayers.


If you have any questions, please contact us

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-- Toward the Ideal Form of Government --

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